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  1. Hi-

    The best advice I can give on dating is this:

    View dating as an interview for marriage (don’t ask someone out just so you’re not alone or because you feel like a third wheel). Discover who you are before you try figuring out someone else. Solicate help from family/friends in the interview process. Sometimes, they know us better than we know ourselves.

    DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT date anyone with different religious beliefs than yours! This is simply an invitation for disaster!

    When you first know that the person is not right for you personally, no matter how much you like them and don’t want to hurt their feelings, it’s better to kindly put an end to dating before each of you invest a lot of time in a failing venture. It is MUCH better being alone than being with the wrong partner. BUT, be kind and gentle if you have to take this step!

    Practice taking care of other people’s kids together so you can determine if your parenting styles will be compatable.

    Finally, when you’ve found the right one, find ways everyday how to tell her that you love her (THIS DOES NOT MEAN SEX!). It will be worth all your effort, I promise. No matter how good the sex is, if that’s all you have to offer each other, your relationship is doomed from the start.

    Have Fun & Good Luck :o)

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