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Paradise ‘Write’ There

A cloudy view of Leyte from Cawit, Pilar as the morning sun rises.

On the other side of the shore, Pilar, Camotes is but an ordinary island obstructing my view of the sunset before dusk. I somehow resent why the great orange ball at times does not dip itself directly to the sea. Perhaps I demand a written explanation. Continue reading Paradise ‘Write’ There


To Pen (A Poem)

Pen, are you still there?
Your words no longer resound
In the good old places where
Your music used to abound.

Pen, have you lost your voice?
Silence not yourself this day
When catchy faces and useless books
Take your followers away.

Pen, can you not recall
What limitless power you have in hand?
You are mightier than the sword,
Stronger than the strongest man.

Pen, settle not yourself
In today’s trifles and tales
That tomorrow will find
Nothing much to avail.

Pen, never lose heart,
Write with power and purity.
Dip yourself in the ink
Of boundless ingenuity.

Pen, I love you.
Please do not let things be.
Rekindle the voice within
And bring back the glory.

Working On My Friendster Blog

I was supposed to be okay with just one blog. I even have two already, just that, AmaranthVSU is not a personal blog.

visit my friendster blog

However, Friendster’s advertising powers, effective as it is, pushed me to take a look at how it overhauled my long forgotten Friendster blog. I have once used that to publish some of my thoughts until I found WordPress to be better. Now, it has employed a similar administrator interface as WordPress (what is this, a partnership, a conspiracy or what?), such that I didn’t find it difficult to navigate my way through.

I just updated it for me to go smooth on my Friendster blog, and I just posted a new post on Ivone’s smile a few moments ago. Oh, c’mon, read it!

Geek in the Pink: Welcome to my Blog!

Good thing you noticed that little strip of paper I left at the queue recently. From that, I have anticipated that you’d take time to visit this page.

Unfortunately, the ‘article’ you’ve been looking for has not been written—yet. Don’t worry, I’ll see to it that I will be able to come up with such write-up.

Anyway, if there are things that you’ve been wondering about, you can check out the posts I have published down here. It would be good if you would frequent my blog and be able to contribute ideas and comments to present and future posts. I’ll like to hear from you soon!

Geek In The Pink’s Identity Uncovered

In my recent post, I mentioned about someone pen-named “Geek In The Pink” who published an open letter on bulletin boards around campus. Initially, I was engrossed about his/her message than his/her identity. You see, I have had a number of open letters before, and I basically don’t care that much of who they are (unless they don’t use pseudonyms). But this one is different. Continue reading Geek In The Pink’s Identity Uncovered

Ukay-Ukay 2: Is it coming?

Lately, an open letter from someone with a pseudonym “Geek in The Pink” appeared on school bulletin boards. Here it goes:

Jed Asaph Cortez, a.k.a ZaidoPink

All have read. Each had their own opinion. Many were enraged by your proverbial article entitled Ukay Ukay. It is now time to once again face your nemesis.

As the VSU Anniversary is fast approaching, various school organizations are once again busy coming up with their respective t-shirts and “showcasing their technical know-hows in visual design”.

To see if you have clearly made your point, why not write an article entitled Ukay Ukay part II as a sort of post test from your crash course in T-SHIRT DESIGN 101.

This would probably be another interesting article in the Amaranth to be added in your Ukay Ukay Saga.

More Power.

-Geek In The Pink-

Would you like to ask about my initial reaction? Really? Honestly, Continue reading Ukay-Ukay 2: Is it coming?