This is an old blog. However, I keep this updated from time to time.

I’m Jed. And I’m an INTP. You can google (yes! Google can be a verb) what that means.

Chronicled here are my thoughts about almost anything under the sun. Really not much. But thanks for reading. Some are about experiences I had. And some, inspired from experiences I had.

If you need anything, a form is available on my Contact Page.

Soon, I’ll be moving this blog to our NewInk Production website. =) Cheers.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. hey jed, Baptist sad diay ka? I want to acquaint and befriend you, hoping you won’t mind…I’m Nollie Calising, almost the same personality as you have. Not to brag, I’m also an editor-in-chief here in FCIC…

    I just want to ask if how did you make your blogs and the webpage of your school paper? Actually, I also have that in my mind that we need to reinvent our school paper. Can you help me how?

    Anticipating for your response.

    God Speed!

  2. If I hadn’t view this site of yours, I would still be disturbed. Never mind that, anyway.
    By the way, I’d like to you to know that I’m very much impressed with your skills on computer-related matters.

    1. Thanks kuya Jo. And you happened to stumble over my blog! I haven’t updated it much coz I’m currently busy for the SCUAA Games.

  3. Jed,

    I’m doing a lot of WordPress tweaking these days. I can help you with your theme design, especially if you want to get your very own jedcortes.com domain.

    Ma’am Moni and I are going to upgrade Devcompage this December. Watch for the new look by the end of the year.

    You can see some of my works at EverythingDigital.info and ChristianReflections.org.

    Oh and did you know that you can buy a jedcortes.info domain for less than Php40?

    Kuya Jojo

    1. Really kuya? That’s amazing. I sure would love it if you could lend a hand. I’m trying to learn this stuff pero I don’t have much time in the midst of student work, taga-li-og na. Hehe.

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