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Authenticity and leadership

To be a leader, you must learn to be authentic. To be great is to be faithful to the truth.

Recently, I started to tell myself I’m not good at leading. Because, leaders, they say, have good social skills. They smile at everyone, they remember names well. They are great at focusing their attention. They are good at small talk.

All of these, I’m not.

But I’ve been a ‘leader’ since I was in grade school. Ran for the school government. Ran a college publication. And so many other things. I wasn’t well-loved. But I’ve got a faithful following. And it’s not because I was socially awkward.

Because I was authentic. I didn’t pretend. I speak my mind. I tell others that something is good. I tell them if it isn’t.

I told the truth.

And I think that’s what’s important.

Leadership styles vary. But it’s always important that, to attract the right followers, leaders should trump honesty and truth at all times.

Spinning lies and half-truths can only rally troops that love to be pampered. We cannot go on saying, Hey! We’re doing great! when we aren’t. We can only live in these bubbles temporarily.

Honesty is not just “the best policy”. It should be the only policy. It’s a mark of greatness.

Candid as I am, I think it works. Those who are afraid to realize their weakness avoid it.

But the truth… sets free.