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On confidence: I always second-guess myself…do I?

Today, I feel great. But no, I don’t.

Teehee. I always am in a roller coaster ride when it comes to how I gauge myself. A lot of talks and articles and quotes and Facebook statuses have been devoted to encouraging people—come on, feel good about yourself!

Is it right? Is it wrong? For me, it’s neither. It depends on the case.

I sometimes feel I’m really good. I can enumerate to you the set of skills that I have. (Ehem, look at my Facebook profile.) I can be so egoistic, I cause hurricanes.

But sometimes, I just feel so nothing. Inept. Inadequate. Useless.

Which is right?

In the day to day dealing with people and things, I believe confidence is important. To ‘schedule’ when you feel great and when you don’t is needed. You have to adjust with people around you.

I usually ‘motivate myself’ when I give talks and when I hold classes. It’s a psychological phenomenon, I believe, that you have more influence when people around you perceive you as confident (even if you’re wrong, haha!).

But I also think that we have to muster a moderate amount of ‘lack of confidence’. The Dunning-Kruger effect tells us we must feel inferior to motivate us to be skilled all the more.

James also says in the Bible that God humbles the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

There are always two options when it comes to evaluating yourself.

Are you that great? Have to think twice.

For me, uhm, I don’t know.

Why am I even writing this post? Haha. I’ll stop right here. 😛