Defining victory

When does a Christian say that he is victorious? Some, in shortsightedness, think that because they are happy, and they have fulfilled selfish desires—they’ve won. However, God has a different way of defining what victories are.

When Lucifer rebelled against God, he lost his identity as an angel and he became the Devil, Satan. He started a war. This war has stretched from the beginning of time till the end of it. It will finish in a grand battle between good and evil. The Bible says he will be defeated and cast into the lake of fire.

There is always a spiritual battle taking place around us, though we cannot see. If you’re a Christian and you’re reading this, you understand what I mean. Our daily ordeal is a part of that battle—whether we do right or wrong is part of it.

I think we all should be aware of this. Sometimes, we base our Epic Wins or Epic fails by earthly standards. We win when we get what we want, we fail when we don’t.

However, God sees things differently. We win when we obey Him, we lose when we don’t.

Jesus claimed the victory when He obeyed the Father—He came to earth and died for us. He claimed victory over death and sin. It was because of this victory that people can now go to heaven. Trusting Him and his victorious work at Calvary is the way to be saved.

Living a life of victory requires that you trust Christ as Savior. When you do, the Holy Spirit comes into your life and helps you to become victorious. When you let the Holy Spirit fill your life, He will help you in doing things that God sees as wins, not fails.

How do you define victory? Is it all about yourself? Check your heart.

The world sees things so differently. Others will see your obedience to God as worldly failures, and your disobedience as worldly wins. But who has the right to say you won or you failed? Only God.

So this is my challenge: win for God. Live a victorious life everyday.


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