Making something sweet together

Oops, sorry. Not what you think.

But really, I’m inviting this one special someone to come over my place. I want to make something sweet together with her—leche flan.

I have this craving for this sweet, sweet dessert for a time. I love it when mom makes leche flan for us. I recently asked mom to teach me how to do it.

Weeks ago, I made my first leche flan(s) for the first time. It was for someone special (I mean, someone special other than mom!).

Back then, she just came home after her an overseas trip. I brought her leche flan. She liked it (I think).

Now, I’m inviting her to make that sweet little thingy with me. I also want her to try cooking it—it’s simple and fun. (More fun when I’m with her).

The thing is, these days we’re rushing things in the brink of our countdown to—wait for it—graduation. However, midst our busy-ness, I’ve been asking her that we’ll do it.

But I do understand it when she declines. We’re busy. Anyway, I’d still hope for the day we’ll do that sweet thingy together.

But not just that, we could cook a whole lot more together. More sweet thingies. Together.

Ah, the niceness of the thought. Sweet. Together. Love it. Love her.


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