Her Christian walk: Needs improvement

When looking for a lifetime partner, what concerns you most?

For me, the most important quality any Christian man should look for in a Christian woman is her spirituality. And this is the burden of my heart: my “prayer item” needs help in this area.

I cannot forget her very words when we texted (for I immediately wrote it on my journal minutes after). I asked her, “____, kumusta ato Christian walk?” (How’s our Christian walk?) This was her reply:

Tnx sa pag.ask. . mmm. . . ng.struggle dhapon., i know d truth pro wla dhapon q mgstand,. (Thanks for asking. Still struggling. I know the truth but still I am not standing.)

That was October 25, 2010, late in the evening. (I guess this post is long overdue.) Right then and there, it pricked my heart.

I know it’s her desire to stand in the truth and live out the Christian life God wants her to live. Her Christian walk needs improvement. She needs help—she’s struggling!

Oh, how I wish her Bible study leader (her only accessible spiritual leader I know of) can encourage her to fellowship, worship and serve… encourage her again to grow.

And the thought challenged me in another aspect: am I helping edify other believers? or am I pricking other people’s hearts by not helping their prayer items grow in the Lord?

But really, the spirituality of a woman is the aspect I deem most important in relationships. Not beauty or social status.

That’s why I’m worried for her right now.

It has always been my dream that I’ll be with someone who shares my desire to worship God. I want to serve the LORD with her. I want not only to grow old with her, but to grow UP with her.

I want to walk the Christian walk with her.

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