Can I love from a distance?

A Christian friend from Bohol, whom I consider a dear sister, just asked, “Kuya, how’s ate ___________?”

I gave her a candid answer, “Honestly, Hannah, I don’t know.”

Yeah, honestly. Summer 2010 was one of the crossroads of my life. She’s been a friend for two years, and I’ve grown fond of her. Prayed for her too. However, God has been teaching me things along the way. This was one.

I had to make a decision months ago, and I think it was for the best. It was liberating, but it cost me something—I couldn’t answer Hannah’s question.

Memorable lines surface to my recall  from time to time, like Ate Anne saying, “I guess you can love her from a distance.”

My routines have drastically changed since summer and I’m getting quite busy. But can I really love her from a distance?

When I bade goodbye (for now), I said I’m “relinquishing the interest” because it wasn’t helping. But that wasn’t closing doors. And yeah, I’m hoping that God will make our paths cross again someday. Anything, as long as it’s His will.

I know that a Master Plan governs my life. But as an ordinary person like anybody else, with feelings, drives, ambitions and weaknesses, can I love from a distance?

I’ve been taught that love is patient, kind…hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things and it never fails. But it had nothing to say about distance.

I’ve seen people brimming with energy “proactively” showing their love. I mean, for them, love is being there, helping out, participating, dipping your fingers, being involved. Is love just like that?

If that’s so, what does Ate Anne’s loving-from-a-distance suggestion mean?

I wouldn’t pretend to know the answers. I myself am a student of life and love. I have a lot to learn.

But let me look at the first clue: Love is patient. Can I do that from afar? (Maybe I could work it out from there…)

Then, Hannah admonished me. “Just continue praying for her lang, Kuya.” (Yeah, I forgot that. I was rebuked.)

I guess for now, by bringing my cares to the foot of the One who created her, I can do greater things than being there on my own.

Love which has been tested by distance and obstacles, and has passed, is true love.
—Author unknown


One thought on “Can I love from a distance?

  1. hmmm, this interests me jed, hehe.. hope i could help shed some light on your queries.. i’m excited for you, talk ra ta soon ah, hehehe..

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