24/7 Bestfriend

Barbette and I had a really quick chat at McDo.

Yesterday, I had a quick visit to Tacloban. I hitched on a VSU pickup truck (thanks to Sir Derek), well, because I was free for the rest of the day. I thought about breaking the routine of school pressures. A nice prelude for a weekend, huh.

I have a bestfriend there, and she’s dear to me. On the way, I texted her to quickly arrange our quite unplanned meet. Most of the time, it’s just like that. I suddenly come, and she comes by at short notice.

I wanted to stay long but the truck has to return to VSU in a few hours. So, we only had barely an hour to catch up. Sometimes, I feel guilty that I could only spend so short a time for her. I have my own cares, she also has her own. I wanted to care about her cares too (as she willingly cares about mine whenever I approach her).

I have my own regrets about how I deal with bestfriends. I had an elementary bestfriend. I also had another bestfriend earlier in college. But somehow, I feel I haven’t given enough. I love them all, but I feel I haven’t shared enough, given enough, spent enough time for them.

But I realized, I have one more bestfriend Who is there for me all the time. He’s been around all my life, listening to me 24/7, watching me do good (and bad), comforting me, teaching me about life, admonishing me, and helping me grow. I can come to Him at short notice, no need for preparations. He’s willing to be there. But I seldom realize that I’ve not given Him enough time. And for that, I feel guilty.

His name is Jesus. He’s always been there. He promised, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Joshua 1:5)

Isn’t that a great promise from a Bestfriend who never fails?


One thought on “24/7 Bestfriend

  1. you see best, both of us are living on far worlds.. hehe.. you, in VSU and me, in LNU.. but that doesn’t make any complication at all of our friendship.. hehe

    it doesn’t matter if we get to chat 24/7.. what matters is, i know you’re there and you know, i’m always here for you with or without text.. busy scheds.. graduating man jud.. hehehe

    looking forward to see you soon..

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