My Presidential Choices in this order…

1. Gibo Teodoro

  • Administration candidate yet untainted
  • Intelligent and decisive
  • Will gain the respect of the international community
  • Teeming with political maturity and integrity (only one among the presidentiables)
  • Nothing against his character (very good guy)
  • However, many partymates are leaving him (coz he can’t be taunted)
  • Also, Hacienda Luisita (but he’s a far relative, family has litte share on stock, even has family rifts over it)

2. Dick Gordon

  • Also intelligent and decisive (the diff. with Teodoro is his big mouth)
  • Proven political will esp. in Subic
  • Palaban though lagging behind in surveys
  • Rational and radical

3. Bro. Eddie Villanueva

  • Just because he’s a Christian

4. Erap Estrada

  • He had good control over Mindanao in his time

5. Manny Villar

  • Rags to riches story, he’s proven it (but he cannot replicate it to every single Filipino)
  • Tapusin ang kahirapan? Jesus said that the poor will always be with us (Mark 14:7)
  • C-5 Controversy is true (google Monsod’s explanation)

6. Nick Perlas

  • Good background on environmental advocacies
  • Also eloquent (but not charismatic)
  • However, he is willing to support divorce (he’s separated)

7. Jamby Madgrigal

  • She a granddaughter of Jose Abad Santos? Ok.
  • At least, she did something naman sa Senado.

8. Noynoy Aquino

  • only son of two Filipino patriots
  • however, he was ineffective in legislative work
  • reported mental illness over his lifetime
  • only ran after emotional upheaval over mom’s death
  • Hacienda Luisita proof of his lack of political will (now he promises to solve it…why now?)

9. JC delos Reyes

  • Who’s he anyway?
  • Too idealistic, just mouth talk (INFJ). Duh?

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