Getting Nowhere, Need Direction Please

It seems that it’s been a while since I last introspected. I’m always reminded of Socrates’ great saying, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I also remember Biblical encouragement that I should always search deep within and get right with God all the time.

Psychology, secular as it is, gives me an excuse from soul-searching. It says I’m a type that is very pensive and analytical. That I think too much. That I always withdraw to think. That I have my own world. And that other types rarely introspect (like extroverts).

But I believe everybody needs a healthy dose of soul-searching. Regularly. Much more, every believer needs to faithfully commune with God in prayer and reading His Word. That, I fail to do regularly, though I always seem to ‘withdraw’.

Though I never fail to pray everyday, the times I spend quality time talking to God are rare. Even though I read the Bible everyday, I wonder if I’ve ventured often enough to the depths of its diwa.

As a result, I seem to lose a sense of direction. Many things catch my attention and a lot of work take away my time. How about the ‘prayer item’ I have long petitioned on heaven’s gates?

Now I think I need to realign my priorities and really get back to the basics of my faith. I have forgotten many commitments, I need to get back to them. Am I still feeling the wonder of mercy, grace and unfailing love? The music can get me emotionally high but have I really grown? Am I getting wiser? Is my character changing for the better?

I pray that God will give me answers (Yes, LORD, I’m willing to listen). If I don’t, well, I’ll end up in the middle of nowhere. I need direction, Gentle Shepherd.

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