Have you ever experienced being betrayed? Have you come to a point in your life when people close to you do bad things behind your back?

Today, I tried to console a friend who fell victim of what we can consider betrayal (I hope I did a good job). I felt her ill-feeling, though she didn’t confess it.

“How do you feel about what happened?” I asked.

“Betrayed? Joke!” she laughed it away.

I know she just tried to keep her cool, but deep inside it must have hurt her. Her close friends flunked her in an evaluation, keeping her from staying in an institution she has served wholeheartedly. That was very demeaning.

I also had my fair share of betrayal recently. A friend has been working behind me and another friend’s back to ‘satisfy’ his emotional urges. I have been advising him for a long time now to be more discreet in his relationships but he doesn’t listen. He could’ve hurt someone, good thing someone reported it to me. I gave the heads up to the people involved to prevent ‘damage’.


Why are there people who betray friends? They might have grown too selfish to look beyond their needs and keep good friendships. Friends should be looking out for what’s best for the other, not that!

Honestly, I and the first friend I’ve mentioned felt betrayed. We have been good to our friends but we wonder why they somehow managed to work behind our backs in return.

When I consoled her, I remembered another Friend who has been faithful ever since. I reminded her of this Friend too (I think this really comforted her). He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. He has also been betrayed before, so He exactly knows how we feel. His name is Jesus. He’s a Friend who never betrays.


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