Zabbel is a little tiger. In fact, she’s a stuffed toy. She’s cute, and striped orange and black (of course). Last night, I gave her to someone special.

The name “Zabbel” is an Armenian derivative of the Spanish “Isabel”. It means ‘an oath to God’ or ‘consecrated to God’. At least, that’s how I desired her recipient to be—someone dedicated and set apart for the Lord.

Is it for the Day of Hearts or the Chinese New Year of the Tiger? Probably none of the two. For one, I am single. Secondly, I am not really Chinese by culture. But that doesn’t stop me from bringing Zabbel to her rightful owner.

“Please adopt me,” the cute little thing says. It’s even cuter when she read that little tag.

It was past nine in the evening. The special day was nearly done. If I haven’t scoured that place for her presence, I wouldn’t have handed in the gift. I knew I had to hand it in. I was driven to give it on that day, personally.

At last I found her… It was relief. But the softer side of things was left unsaid. I knew, that though unsaid, both of us understood it. But for now, let it remain in the memory of Zabbel.

Yes, I hope you’d be set apart, consecrated for God.



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