Selfish Vigils

Friends want you to get enough sleep. They know it’s something you should do 1/3 of your time everyday. They don’t rob you of a daily routine that keeps you healthy.

Do your friends take you for a night out? They say it’s bonding time. I agree. It is so tempting to spend the whole night up chatting with friends, laughing, watching movies or even just doodling. Secrets are often disclosed in vigils like that. Night-outs, in one form or another, sound fun.

But, more often than not, mom and dad doesn’t let me spend evenings with my eyes open wide. I somehow resent it, so I reason out. Mom, they’re friends. Dad, we’d like to catch up. They’re close to my heart. I’d like to have some time with them.

“J, get enough sleep and try to live a normal life,” they say. “Yes, friends are friends, but remember to keep everything in balance.”

Pardon my pun: FRIENDS ARE NOT EVERYTHING. Family, good health, a good set of ideals, ambitions and others make up life along with friends.

Here’s some food for thought: Before you spend a night without sleep for something not ‘officially’ important, do you think things over? How pure are your motives (especially if the friend(s) are that of the opposite sex)? Is it being selfless to sacrifice one night’s sleep? Or is it just being selfish, thinking that you have to deprive your friend of a biological routine just to give you attention that he/she could give some other time within the waking day?

Think it over.


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