If I become blind

Only the dim light from the porch lit my room. I lied down and plugged in my big headphones. I listened to ‘Long Look‘ once again. I closed my eyes and tried to feel the song. I opened my eyes—complete darkness. Am I blind?

How will I face the world with blindness? I have had a keen eye. I love sights, lights and art! I am a photographer, a videographer, an artist. If my sight fails, what shall I do?

I could imagine myself being led to the piano at church. Yes, I still could play that majestic instrument. Perhaps I could still do a few fast arpeggios (running keys). I still could pen songs or arrange them (with some help). Perhaps I could still be a good pianist.

However, I could no longer continue schooling. I won’t be able to drive the motorcycle. I will no longer write (at least, on my own). No longer will I see my friends, my classmates, my family… and her!

That pierced me. No, this can’t be!

What if she comes to visit me in my blindness? Her beauty, her relaxing smile… if I could see them once more! Will she receive me like this? I can no longer bring her to breathtaking places or romantic dates. I can not make a living to bring up a family. I’ll be useless. Inutile.

She comes. I hear her voice and I recognize her perfume. I reach for her hands, and gripped them tightly. Trembling, I cry, “I’m sorry… I never made the most of the light.”

It breaks her heart. She cries too. No! This can’t be, I moan in great desperation.

The song is half-way through. “Can we witness every sunset?” the song asks. Why—we should! I fumbled for my cellphone and tried to press a key. Come on, light up!

It lit. I mean it lit up in front of my eyes. Pesky brown-out!


7 thoughts on “If I become blind

  1. WOW! Seems like a new style was brought in… Love it, kuya. Oh how i wish i read this types of articles/essays everyday (not the harsh ones). It’s good to write everything right away jud, when everything is still fresh. -AVATAR hehehe

    1. I usually write in jolts of inspiration, emotion or ‘weird’ energies like this experience. I really found the experience very weird. But it paid off. It makes you think about the value of the people and things around you. (I didn’t write about the lessons; I think they are more profound when unsaid.) Thank God, there’s light!

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