Jed Plays “Ikaw” (Piano Instrumental, Key of Eb)

Months earlier I have posted a piano instrumental of the song “Ikaw”. The song is, for me, something very wonderful. I can’t get enough of it. Since I learned how to play and sing it (hmmm…summer of 2009?), the song never fails to show up in my mind from time to time. It’s a beautiful expression of passionate love.

The instrumental I posted earlier was played in the Key of C (perfect for baritone singers). I recorded it on October 2009. What everybody doesn’t know is that I recorded it in another key the same day.

The instrumental in the E-flat (Eb) key is three semitones higher than that of the C-Key. This key is perfect for tenors. In fact, this is the key used in Martin Nievera’s version of the song, which was used as a cover in the recently concluded television series Dahil May Isang Ikaw. I also sing in this key.

If this song doesn’t move you, well, I don’t know what you’ve got. But if it does, and everytime… And if the word “ikaw” paints a picture of someone dear to you in the air, thank the one who penned the song.

Ang lahat ng aking galaw, ang sanhi ay ikaw.

And by the way, I’m dedicating this (once again) to the ISTJ I adore. 🙂 Download


5 thoughts on “Jed Plays “Ikaw” (Piano Instrumental, Key of Eb)

  1. hi…good morning,im getting married soon,and im wondering if its ok to have the piano notes of the song ikaw.Thanks

    1. Hi, Michelle. Sorry, I don’t have the sheet music for this song. I know the notes and chords ‘tacitly’ and play/improvise by memory. How can I help you? Best wishes.

    1. Hi nadine, I don’t actually have the sheet music for this song. I do know the chords though. I play it in two keys: C and Eb. C for girls and Eb for boys.

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