To Pen (A Poem)

Pen, are you still there?
Your words no longer resound
In the good old places where
Your music used to abound.

Pen, have you lost your voice?
Silence not yourself this day
When catchy faces and useless books
Take your followers away.

Pen, can you not recall
What limitless power you have in hand?
You are mightier than the sword,
Stronger than the strongest man.

Pen, settle not yourself
In today’s trifles and tales
That tomorrow will find
Nothing much to avail.

Pen, never lose heart,
Write with power and purity.
Dip yourself in the ink
Of boundless ingenuity.

Pen, I love you.
Please do not let things be.
Rekindle the voice within
And bring back the glory.


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