Long Look by Jed Cortes

I think it’s time that I publish this original composition I entitled “Long Look”. The idea of composing a song with that title came to me on August 2008, during the VSU Anniversary. As the festivities went on at the Oval, I sat on a bamboo pole lying on the lawn. It was afternoon, around the time she and her teammates would have their volleyball practice. I was thinking of going to the next block and watch her play.

My personality type is INTP. When I think, I withdraw. This is evident when I like to observe her intently. Before I come and greet the team, I first situate myself at the slide beside the volleyball court and enjoy the sight from afar. Hence, the title “Long Look”.

Back at the oval, I started to hum a tune out of the blue. That tune is now the melody of the chorus. I then grabbed a paper and pen to write what is now the words of the chorus.

The next jolt of inspiration came about two months later. She was taking her final examination in Physics at the Science Lecture Hall. I was outside, preparing for our final examination as well. With a Long Look and another piece of paper, the two stanzas were written. The song is complete.

Here are the lyrics of the song. Enjoy. (Click the “play” icon above to listen to me singing the song. You can download the MP3 file here.)

Long Look
by Jed Asaph Cortes

As I watch here from a distance, I see a radiant smile
A wondrous sight that nothing else could e’er compare
With eyes of dazzling beauty and a countenance so fair
If it bids me come, what joy is there for us to share?
But is there more than what I see today?
Shall I go ahead or shall I move away?

I just take a long look, make a distant stare
Watchin’ all the happiness, wishin’ I could be there
I just take a long look, more than I could bear
Coz all the time that I was here, wond’rin’ if I could be near
You’ve been there and waitin’.. for more than this one look

Can I be near and not bother, if it’s fine forever stay?
For a lifetime’s never too long if I am with you
Can we witness ev’ry sunset, can I gaze into your eyes?
Can I warm your hand, o, let it intertwine with mine!
For all these dreams will never become true,
If a far-off gaze is all I have for you!



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