Goodbye For Now, Kap

Can I be near and not bother, if it’s fine, forever stay?
For a lifetime’s never too long if I am with you.
Can we witness every sunset? Can I gaze into your eyes?
Can I warm your hand, o let them intertwine with mine!
—Excerpt from my song “Long Look”

After the busy SCUAA Week, she’s now going home. At this moment, she’s faring her way to Ormoc on a van. She’s got my VSU Jacket with her (she can keep it). I also gave her a souvenir DVD. Ms. Captain Ball must go home, so bye for now, Kap…

I have to speed down the highway to catch her van before it left. I just had to say goodbye! I reached out my hand, as she reached out hers through the window.

Bugnawa nimo oi!” she remarked, as I held her hand.

Then I remembered the song. Bit ashamed was I. She had to warm my hand instead. But soon, very soon, I’ll catch up when I see her again. I guess I have to live true to what I am pleading to her.

But for now, bye Kap. Enjoy the rest of the semestral break. Lovelots.

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