Finding Another Of My Kind

I’m an INTP (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving).

My kind is rare. Very rare. In fact, to discover another of my kind is quite a find. And it is! This afternoon, I felt like a lone T-Rex finding another T-Rex when I thought we were going extinct.

My newly adopted sister Jaypen Jayme is an INTP as well. I never expected this. I first saw her when she was one of the hosts during the Ilang-Ilang Talent Showdown 2009 (where I had a funny experience with Ivone’s HD Camera—read more about that here). I don’t know why I was so drawn to her. Something tells me that I have to know this kid.

Jaypen is a Geodetic and Geomatics Engineer freshman here in VSU. She’s a DOST Scholar. A bright kid. But there’s something about her that’s quite unique. (My iNtuition just tells me this hunch until my Sensing concretized it).

No wonder my proven INTP’s “mirror tendency” just leaves me clueless. INTP’s tend to mirror other people’s temperaments to get into their being and understand them more. But this time, it is just a hollow reflection I see. She seems like an extrovert, but she seems not as well. Too many contradictions. It so happened that I was mirroring another mirror itself, so the test goes haywire.

Good thing I let her take the MBTI tool/Kiersey test (take it yourself here). But still I never expect her to be an INTP! No wonder we connected in no time the first time we talked.

Her INTP personality also explains why she always expects more of herself, discontented with low grades in a difficult course. That’s the result of the openness of the P (Perceiving) function.

Another T-Rex! Raaauurrrr!!!!

But Jaypen’s a wonderful kid. I guess I could mentor this young girl and point her doors of opportunity. She sure has a lot of potential. She can write, she can host, and I have yet more to discover.

The INTP hones its own kind. Now rest assured, Jaypen, that you’ve got a really good brother to take care of you here! 🙂


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