Sex and Movie Torrents

I have a classmate who just can’t wait to watch new 3D movies.

First, she egged me to download for her Ice Age 3. Usually, DVD Rips are available in torrents when the DVD is released. That time, Ice Age 3 wasn’t released in DVD yet, so I had to settle for the average quality TS (telesync) cover of the movie (camera records from movie house and syncs the sound with the line out of the audio—piracy indeed).

Then the DVD was then available after some time. I downloaded it, and the quality is really great! I offered her the movie file but she said no thanks, “Nakit-an na man nako” (I’ve seen it already).

Lately, she’s badgered me for the Up movie. I searched (which basically is a collection of all torrent libraries popular). Yes, there are torrents but they are TS or Cam rips. Same story. I told her that we’ll just wait for a few weeks or months and the DVD rip will be out.

She couldn’t wait so she downloaded it herself and watched. Pretty soon, the DVD rip will be out, and I might be offering the cooler quality to her again, but perhaps she would decline again.

And how often do cool analogies pop up in my mind! Isn’t the same situation true when comparing premarital sex and blessed sex in the marriage bed? Too bad, many times having something a little bit early spoils the beauty of the same old thing!

Now that’s something, man. I’ll just wait for the DVD rip if so.


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