She Made My Week

It is difficult to get a person like me excited. Even pleased. Therefore, it takes an extraordinary soul to thrill and overwhelm mine. Each day, she gives me more reasons to adore her all the more.

This week was a blast. Although the first three days were silent, the next three were great! On Wednesday, she was graceful enough to allow me to include my painting of her on an IHK tarpaulin. She willingly cooperated during the athlete pictorials (on ordinary days, she hesitates to smile on cam). That evening, Dean treated us with ice cream (like Sir Joselle did before, so it reminded me of his treat!).

That day, I also handed her a portable speaker. Though she hesitated to accept it at first, she still did and thanked me. On Thursday, she was busy, so we had little time to catch up. I just handed her the result of her personality test (MBTI) and explained it briefly to her. I just love it when she listens attentively! I could just see that sparkling interest in her eyes.

Today, we drove in the rain.


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