so far: up to now or a particular time in the past or future (often used with a negative or interrogative)

Yet is pa in Filipino. Violinist and friend Sir Joselle Cayetano told me something today so the word is bugging me. He is one of the many people who are following my love story (granting that there is actually one, hehe). An outspoken and curious person, he managed to ask my friend if I am courting her.

Wa pa man,” she replied. He told me what she said and added, “You better make a move—now.”

I’m not convinced. Well, not of her statement, in fact, I fairly believe that this could have been her exact answer. I assume she knows well of what I am up to. However, I don’t believe making a move—now—will settle this inequilibrium.

Pa or yet carries the implication of an anticipation of a future event. She, most possibly, is waiting for the time when I will come knocking on the doors of her heart to ask her to let me in. Wa pa man.

But does it mean that she wants me to make a move…now? I think not so. I believe she has an idea of my timeline and my principles. I often say this as side comments in our casual conversations about anything under the sun. Pa is, first of all, anticipation, but not necessarily an invitation to speed up things.

Let me put it this way: Let’s assume a boy is courting a girl. You ask him if she already said yes and he says, “Wa pa man“. Of course, that’s anticipation since the boy is eagerly waiting for her answer. However, it most probably wouldn’t mean that the boy wants it now. He wouldn’t pressure the girl to answer prematurely. He would want her to take her time.

Same with my situation.

I didn’t feel the need of making the move. Honestly, I felt the want to do so. But it’s not the way things should work. What about the right time? What about the relationships that surround us? What about my relationship with God? my family? her family? What about her plans and dreams that she wants to fulfill? her parent’s expectations? What about the quest for emotional, and more importantly, spiritual maturity? Impulses sometimes blurs objectivity and a clear vision of life and the future.

I respect her plans and desires as much as I do with mine. Do I like her? Yes, with all my heart. Would I want to court her? You bet. But it doesn’t mean now, just because she said so. It’s not the right time. Love is, first of all, patient (1 Corinthians 13). It hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things. It never fails.

Do not awaken my love, until it so desires.
Song of Solomon 8:4

Not yet.


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