When In Doubt

There’s a military principle that goes like this: When in doubt, salute! However, I have a different principle in life and it’s, “When in doubt, don’t!”

Sounds absurd, doesn’t it. But in life, there’s a thin line between being sure of what you are doing, and not being sure. It is always good to be sure of what you are doing.

But what if you’re not? Yes, there’s always a place for taking risks, where you place your all without an assurance of getting it right. It has its own place.

In what instances do we have to be sure of what we’re doing? In things that pertain about God and the Christian walk. I learned this from my dad. In one of my lowest valleys, he told me this (and I’ll never forget it), “Be sure. The Christian walk is a sure walk. There’s no place for doubts and uncertainties. Before you do something, you must be sure of it. When in doubt, don’t!”

Anything that is not done in faith is sin.
Romans 14:23b (ISV)


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