That’s What Love Is

It was midnight. I was confused. “Can I have even just a moment with You, LORD?” I cried. You’re just the answer I need.

I couldn’t understand how I felt yesternight. Just as I feared, my childish emotions tried to make a comeback. I despised them two years ago, but now they’re knocking again on my doors.

I thought I’ve grown over them after I learned my lesson. I thought I could stand on my own. But not.

At the right moment, the warm breeze whispered to me. Thank You, Holy Spirit. It was as if the Lord reminded me of what His love really is. First Corinthians is the ultimate definition of true love.

Love is patient. I’m being impatient. Love is kind. I became moody. Love doesn’t envy. I’m being jealous of the “lack” of attention.  And so on. Does not behave itself unseemly. Never fails. Believes, endures, hopes.

What a fool I was! If only I could be ashamed enough of myself. I hope she understood me that night. Thankfully, Ate did.

Everything that happened yesternight reminded me that God makes all things beautiful in His time. I kinda tried pushed things out of His time. That isn’t love in action.

Love is far beyond that. I never realized that this was what I was signing up for.


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