I Learned My Lesson From a Sony HD Camera

From the time I learned about HD cams, to touch and use one was one of my (minor) dreams in life. Yesternight, Ivone made my dream come true—and gave me a lesson I will never forget (with love).

She requested me to document the Ilang-Ilang Talent Showdown. She’s the dorm president by the way. So on the weekend she brought from home their Sony HDR-XR200 HD Handycam. As she handed it to me, my eyes glistened as if I was a little boy who got his most craved cotton candy.

I captured the event well, I’d say. I’ve been handling cameras before, documenting occasions like the 2009 VSU Graduation Ceremonies, so I was very familiar with the camera buttons and functions (as they are similar from camera to camera). The dances, the comical skit, the vocal solos…

On her welcome remarks, I could notice myself smiling as I filmed as the president talked to the crowd with confidence. Just before the program ended, she was also part of a dance number. She danced?!?

I was driven enough to capture every single moment she grooved onstage. Focus. Focus. Zoom. Steady… and then the number ended. I pressed the record button (again) to stop.

It started to record. Whhaaatttt?!!!!

I squirmed and I grimaced. I was so engrossed with looking intently at her dance that the record-or-not went by completely unnoticed. Humongous butterflies were in my stomach. The one moment that was to be captured seamlessly wasn’t captured at all!

So ashamed was I of myself that I had to say sorry a million times to her that night. Honestly, she isn’t really into dancing and she said it was a good thing that I didn’t succeed. At least she comforted me.

“At least, you got your lesson—from me,” Ivone said. “You are documenting the Miss VSU pageant so at least you know what you could miss. We did each other a favor.”

Loved that.


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