Is this feeling flourishing?

I just have to keep watch of how I progress. I have been careful of how things are going to develop and push through. I know things will come and must come in its right time, but not earlier. But, in one way or another, things—and feelings—and everything else have to grow.

Inasmuch as I don’t want to see ‘progress’ (yet), I nevertheless saw it in the past few weeks. I never intended to say that I love her or even think of it, but I kind of said it in my prayer and thought, “Woah, did I say that???”. Last week, Ate Anne, Ate Marilyn and I had a chow at Honeycomb and we were talking most of the time about this thing I’m into. I told them, “Karon ra man ko nahimong explicit and vocal about this, right?” (“I’ve been explicit and vocal about this just lately, right?)

I’m actually wondering right now. Actually, I’m seeking answers from God. Is this feeling flourishing as it should? Am I in the right track or am I ahead of God’s plan for at least one step? Are things going to early? Or is it running late of God’s timing?

I need to know.


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