Even Snails

I can’t remember the last time I saw two snails mate. Or perhaps, never in my life except a few minutes ago. I found two snails mating just outside our house and I took a shot.

Now, what about them? When I think about snails, I think of the word ‘slow’. With the turtle and the sloth, they’re good examples of the word. But still, inspite of their speed, they manage to move around (perhaps with much diligence) and find a mate.

However, snails are hermaphrodites; they are both sexes in one. So why did God design them to still meet to exchange their sexual fluids? Probably to give us a lesson about patience, perseverance and trust on God’s Master Plan.

Thanks, snails. (Sorry for the picture, some of you might find it gross. The snails might even find me at that time invading their privacy. Hehehe) Still, I got my lesson. Praise the Almighty Creator whose intelligent design can never be fathomed.


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