Being This and Living That

We had this t-shirt project in DC149 (Print Reproduction) where we’ll design something in paper, cut it and print the design on a t-shirt. One classmate had this text design:

I’m a Pastor’s kid.

Well, that’s nice. In fact, it is quite bold of her to make that statement. But it made me think.You see, honestly, I couldn’t make the connection—this connection: The fact of being and the act of living it out. And suddenly, this phrase came out of my mouth the moment she showed it to me..I told her that instead, she should’ve written:

I’m living a Pastor’s kid’s life.

That would be a stronger statement. You see, people are skeptical because they don’t see the connection. Not only to PK’s but to other Christians as well. We should not only be Christians, we should be living out a genuine Christian life.

If I were accused of being a Christian, would they have enough evidence to prove it?


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