(De)Light After Darkness

Two months seemed like years without seeing her. For that span of time, I was restless. I preoccupied myself with things to do (though I had to enjoy my summer still) like working on the Graduation DVD, Gaither Vidoes, wallowing on my Facebook and Friendster accounts and a little traveling. I went to the heart of Leyte, Burauen, for Summer Youth Camp and Cebu for Revival Camp.

I tried to focus my attention on other things for me to forget about my longing and somehow I was successful. They said I did a great job at the DVD. I maintained my virtual room well in my opinion. I was able to fight against the subtle nagging of my inner being.

Who said the heart cannot be restrained? To do the right things, maybe. But many times, true love best manifests itself through bringing yourself into subjection. Self-control.

Well, I was comforted by some people along the way. Thanks, guys. One was Ezra. Ezra told me that when I see her again, she’ll surely knock me off my feet coz the sight of her would be a supreme delight. She was like pointing me to the light at the end of the tunnel…assuring me the dawn during the night.

And indeed it paid off. Ezra was right. The sight of her? Awesome. I was delighted beyond description.

I dropped by her dorm today to see her. I noticed that she nga miputi s’ya (her skin was lighter).

Or let me just say that she was glowing. We spent the whole afternoon together catching up and being with her as she did the things she really loved to do like playing volleyball. She rode the bike with me, which made me happy.

Actually, I’m still relishing the thought of our experiences together today such that I don’t want to write it to the fullest measure I can.

I remember Hannah Mae Lubiano’s line (she’s a young Christian from Bohol):

When something is beyond description, it would then be a matter for the immortals—the divine.

And for that, I bless the name of the Lord for such an experience.


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