Graduation Song’s Forgotten Lines

When the first draft of the VSULHS Batch 2007 Graduation Song “Together One Last Time” was written, the words were completely different. I still have my scribbles somewhere inside my room’s stocked boxes. As the author/composer of the song, honestly I don’t remember the earliest version of it. However, I do remember the lines that stuck in my mind which caused me to start writing it:

Follow your dreams, and I will follow you,
In your every endeavor, I’ll be faithful too.

It may not be fortunate enough to get into the final lyrics of the Graduation Song, but still, it speaks. Those words are that of a real friendship built in the years of a person’s peak of confusion, identity crisis, mood swings and emotional roller coaster…whit’s end! Someone that goes with you through this stage cannot be forgotten.

Isn’t it beautiful? I think it is worth another songwrite.


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