The Orange, The Ants and The Impression

My snack: orange infested with ants.
My snack: orange infested with ants.

The university market is a good place to hang out in the afternoon. I go there almost everyday (usually with friends or classmates), buy something to eat, sit and watch people go by.

On March 17 this year, more than two months ago, the story went different.

Ate Lucy bought me an orange (that was very nice of her, thanks te!). I was sipping from a glass of mango shake so I placed the orange beside me, planning to eat it later. My attention lingered on something for that mean while and little did I notice that black ants started crawling on my orange. Again, coz my attention lingered on something! It was only after that that I noticed them.

I kind of grimaced at the sight and my delicious impression of my afternoon snack went away for a moment. The ants never knew what I was going through, they were just up to their next meal, hopefully to satisfy their hunger or save for the rainy days. Now I have to shake them away to have my snack.

But let me go back to the something that caught my attention. Actually, someone. Two someones. I was enjoying my own shake when they sprang out of nowhere and bought some goodies from a stall about 20 meters away (I was at the plaza so I have a good view of the stalls, being at the center of the market). My jaw dropped.

I knew about them for a while already but it was only then that my knowledge became reality. I saw them together in person. I squirmed. I think they saw me too, but I knew they would pretend they didn’t. Who cares?

Then my attention turned back to my orange and it was then when I noticed the ants.

Is this a coincidence? I thought. What perfect analogy! Me, the orange, the ants and my impression of the orange represented the reality I facing then! I would presume that you, reader, may be good in analogies so let me loosely define my subjects without being too explicit…

The Orange
The orange was the one someone I saw. The orange was sweet, adorable and gorgeous to the taste. In fact, I’d love to have a bite! However, the orange isn’t all that sweet. In fact, it is sometimes sour. The orange was the one I put aside since I was enjoying my mango shake.

The Ants
The ants was the other someone. Also known as The Devourer in this case. From my own point of view, he was not helping the orange. Yes, the orange was supposed to be eaten, but not his way! He was trying to degrade the orange, and I presume a silent and unfavorable decay. Well, he doesn’t know what I was going through then. I grimaced when I saw the orange and the ant together. Tsk tsk. It was an illegal meal! He was destroying the orange as he wanted to enjoy it himself!

The Impression
I grimaced at the sight. Suddenly my appetite for the orange was gone. I guess it tells enought.

If that was an illegal meal for the ant, why did they go there anyway?

Ah, March 17 would be the vis pe raz of the celebration they could celebrate for a period of time they were together equivalent to the span of a trimester. (I shouldn’t have written this.)

3 thoughts on “The Orange, The Ants and The Impression

  1. The best title for this would be The Orange, the Ants and the Depression!

    I felt bad for you, not that you’re pathetic. Well, I admire you for being so candid but I find you not being true to your feelings when it comes to this aspect (your lovelife). It is apparent that you still have feelings for the girl. You’re in total denial, I tell you, in case you don’t know or maybe you’re just too afraid to admit.
    Generally speaking, you’re pretending not to be affected by the whereabouts and with anything and everything’s been going on with the girl’s life but basically it shows (just by making this post, it speaks for itself). This is not a sort of confrontation but I think you’re barking at the wrong tree. In your post, you had mentioned that the other boy is the “devourer”. On the contrary, it is YOU, you are the devourer. You have the right to be jealous but you don’t have the right to label him as the “devourer”, please consider the fact that he’s the boyfriend. And by just being green-eyed, you are undeniably devouring their moment with your unthinkable thoughts and by making such analogies. The analogy is good, you are certainly an intellectual person but you committed some pitfalls.
    In the scenario, the analogy does not fit, well, it would but it would create a story instead. Yes, the orange is sweet and adorable to the taste, of course, a girlfriend is always a joy to a boy’s life but sometimes it’s not especially when you get into fights (so sometimes an orange is sour). For me to continue, let me extract a line:

    “The orange was the one I put aside since I was enjoying my mango shake”.

    My interpretation for this is that, you had put her aside while you were enjoying yourself (the mango shake). For two reasons i guess, it must have been your ego or your low self-esteem. You felt like you need to pay attention to yourself even just for a little while, but that little time was being used up and you just wake up one day that it had taken a toll to the both of you. A girl always needs attention, a girl wanted to be always loved, maybe you just didn’t realize that she wants to be with you and she’s eager to bring the best of you. (The orange always complements the mango, if you mixed the two, a mango orange juice would be the result and it tastes good). Not just good,but sweet. Fine, let’s forget the analogy…I’m babbling too much and you’re thinking too much!
    I think I’m going too far so, my advice, please don’t play the game. Denial is a game you shouldn’t play, in the first place, you just end up taking your heart on one sleeve by telling the whole world that you have found a new love. The result, you’re just fooling yourself. You are hurting yourself as well as other people, especially those who like you.
    The metaphor for you would be an ajar door. You are not wide open but you’re not close either. I know that you’re not closing doors for her. Deep inside, you’re still hoping for her to come back. . .

    Okay so you may love someone at the moment but you can never eradicate her from your heart. Just like when we’re crying, the harder we try to fight it back, the more it trickles down our cheeks. And the more you stop the feeling, the stronger it grows! So you need not to replace her for she will always be a part of your life. An irreplaceable part. . .

    SIDENOTE: Don’t ever regret you’ve written this. You may not have completely moved on but you’re almost OVER her!

    1. Candice, thanks, got that. I appreciate your point of view and I do say it’s right. Yeah, it is. However, the thing about the devourer is quite different when we put it in my context, which I failed to mention. I love Jesus and I have these principles about courtship that I strongly stand in, such that I don’t want to have a relationship until I’m ready for marriage. We share the same faith too, and she knows very well that these principles are Biblical and she knows they’re correct. Right now, I’m not delving into that issue but let me just say that the whole scenario just changes in light of my Christian faith. Well, I do regret however of branding him such, I guess I’ve been a little bit rude. I apologize for that. But anyway, what I’m saying is I’m learning to deny myself (of passing pleasures) in order to please God.

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