Finding Opportunities in Difficulties: An Application

Our main pc broke down (and I’m actually using our old pc). That seems to be burden to me. Our most recent machine was way fast and efficient than this one and the things that I need to do are piling up.

I need to finish downloading the David Phelps Live DVD (6.80 GB out of 6.91 GB after 2 weeks of downloading); I need to edit a book; I need to do this and do that…blah blah blah. Oh, I don’t need to do them anyway, I wanted to do them.

Our intern pastor delivered a message tonight with the same title I used in this post with three points. Inasmuch as I’d like the pc fixed ASAP, this ‘difficult’ situation might be a good source of food for thought.

Point # 1. Take Advantage of the Difficult Situation.

But how? It won’t even boot. Well, that piece of machine isn’t the whole world anyway. To take advantage of this means using the mean time to do other things that I can’t do when I’m facing the computer. It could be painting, writing, making a song, making a Gospel tract, reading the Bible and other books, looking out for other people, sharing my faith and praying.

Gee, my computer time really makes me miss so much of life, doesn’t it? So it makes me realize that, though I really want to get things done, life is about those who are living. I should be seizing the opportunity to do other things.

Point # 2. Think of the good things about the difficult situation.

Less computer time means less stress, less labad sa ulo, and more time to think, contemplate, socialize, relate and even evangelize.

Point # 3. Thank God about the difficult situation.

“In everything give thanks,” says Paul. Indeed, a difficult situation isn’t always bad. And thank God life isn’t all about computers. Or else, the world will never know what satisfaction, what contentment means.

Time is short. Opportunity is knocking. Please answer it. The age-old aphorism remains true: “Four things come not back: the spoken word; the spent arrow; time past; the neglected opportunity.”
—Charles Swindoll, The Finishing Touch


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