Heart Matters? Mother Still Knows Best!

Youth camps and conferences give Christian young people opportunity to meet other young people from different churches, near or far. Meet, in the context of hormones. Most young people fall on the teenage bracket where hormones not only are at its peak, they’re raging!

So seeing another juvenile dinosaur from another herd and getting attracted is nothing uncommon. (Sorry for the strange analogy)

And this is what I saw in a younger brother from my church. He’s turning 17 and he’s innocent (not that I’m not). But he grew right before my eyes in days. He cannot deny with his eyes, smile and actions (though he cannot seem to verbally express it to us) that he’s attracted to this pastor’s kid (PK), 17, from the host church.

Yes, she’s attractive alright and she knows how to speak Chinese, which I believe he would consider as cute and neat. She’s hin-hin (modest) and composed. And throughout the camp and after that, we can’t seem to stop teasing him because of that. Our little bro was growing!

On the other hand, we have a common understanding of the Christian perspective of relationships. They’re young (again, not that I’m not) and we know time and immaturity (no offense) would constrain them from starting a relationship. Of course, who would start a courtship with marriage in mind that young?

But we can’t seem to stop teasing him. Not until Nanay entered the scene.

We were even excited to tell his Nanay about what happened. But Nanay was calm and composed as she hushed our jesting, “Leave it alone as it is, right, kuya? That’s it for now. Grow in the mean time.”

Wow. All my principles that I seemed to forget when I was teasing wrapped up in such a simple statement. It was a silent rebuke for me. Instead of extending wisdom that I cherish myself, I was implying with my actions that we let emotions take free rein and bring us wherever it pleases. Of course, we’re emotional and sexual beings but just because we are doesn’t mean we indulge ourselves to our every whim.

I thank little bro’s Nanay for that loving reminder. When little bro grows to the rightful age and meet the flesh of his flesh, I’ll just let out a calm smile and remember that his Nanay knew best.


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