The Salvation of the Circumcised

Today, I went to Gacat to fish for souls. I brought no tracts with me, just a Bible. The other folks from church arrived earlier than I did so I presumed that they have already distributed tracts to the people there.

Summer is the most common time for pre-adolescent and adolescent male circumcision here in the Philippines. And no surprise, a newly circumcised lad named George Lester Truya, 9, caught my attention while I was riding my way through the rough road. So I pulled over and sat beside him. He was holding a Tulay sa Kinabuhi tract.

He had no idea what I was there for. But he just popped the topic up for me, “Someone gave me this.”

And fifteen minutes later, that little soul, along with a friend named  John Lord “Gang-Gang” Alkuino, 9, who came by and sat with us, was led to the foot of the cross.

They may be young and innocent, and only God knows if their prayer for salvation was real. It’s the ministry of the Holy Spirit. But it’s still a joy to work in His power. What a blessing!


2 thoughts on “The Salvation of the Circumcised

    1. Thanks! I wanted to take their picture so that I would always remember them but my cellphone ran low on battery. But anyway, I am always keeping them in my prayers.

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