Prayer Unplugged

I think I found a reason why Christians find it so difficult to remember to pray for others. It’s like they’re from another world, watching things go on and never think they can do anything for them.

They just do something like these: if things go tense, their heart just pump faster and that’s all; when others fail very badly they just let down a tear and after that go on like nothing’s happened; and when people do something very good, funny or praiseworthy, they do nothing but grin, smile or laugh.

Not a prayer.

You know what my answer to this prayerlessness is? Watching TV.

It’s because we know for a fact that we cannot do much about what we see on TV—not the news or documentaries or how-to’s…it’s the movies, the series or teleseryes. The drama. We know they’re actors and actresses. It’s the script. The directors, the cameras and the lighting. And we can’t do anything about them because we know that it’s not true and it’s not happening for real.

So that’s why we sit back and watch—no prayers. When the scene gets tense, our hearts pump faster. When the dialogue gets emotional, we let out a tear. When a character cracks a joke, we laugh. Of course, why do we pray for someone who gets into a hellhole of trouble in a fantasy series?

But the sad thing is, we carry on this habit that we get from idiot tube entertainment into our real lives.

Funny, what we see on TV appears sooo real that what we see in reality we eventually just brand as TV in our subconscious, “Nah, they don’t need my prayers.”


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