Jaz is Kin

Ian and Jazmin on a late sunny afternoon.
Ian and Jazmin on a late sunny afternoon.

I have told my friend Ian a couple of times that if I had a female counterpart, it would be someone like Jazmin or Jaz, his girlfriend. Jaz is brilliant, expressive, decisive, dominating, sometimes impulsive, pushy and unrelenting. Well, don’t take it as something bad to note. If she were a wolf or a dinosaur, she’d be an Alpha Female.

No wonder I find myself in her so often. We get along very well (unlike Ian and her—they get into fights very often…well, tungod tali kay uyab sila, kami dili…hahaha).

Lately did I realize that we were kin (parente in Bisaya). Ian told me they saw our folk’s house at Bato when they visited Jaz’s grandpa. That grandpa she meant is my Lolo Enting, who is a close relative of my grandmother Lola Citas. My lola said that they are ig-agaw sa apuhan (cousins from the same grandparents—whatever!), that is, Salvatiera. They live in adjacent houses.

Wel, what do you know? Parente diay mi ning bayhana ni.

Ian was surprised. He said, “It’s a small world after all.”


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