Is a glimpse enough?

I was speeding down the highway and into the university market with one goal mind: I wished to see her. I was anticipating that she would be there at this time of the evening. When I entered the market on my motorcycle and criss-crossing my way through the busy stream of people, I took time to peek through the carenderia glasses, wishing to find her on one of those stalls.

But no avail. Ah ok. So I decided to go home.

On my last curve before I leave the market and back to the highway, there she was, entering the market. That was a split second. I saw her.

I didn’t even think of pushing the brakes and be with her for a while. For one time of my life, I thought that moment I saw her was enough. Then my day is complete.

Just that short glance… so much for the long looks…


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