A Lizard I Can’t Identify

A lizard.
A lizard.

This morning, my dad saw a strange lizard trapped in our empty backyard swimming pool. It was about 9 inches long and had shiny brown to coffee brown scales. The lizard is not so common in our place unlike small household lizards (tiki), tockay geckos (toko), monitor lizards (halo/bayawak) and flying lizards (manlulukay). I wasn’t able to identify it so probably someone might pass over the blog and help me out.


5 thoughts on “A Lizard I Can’t Identify

  1. That is called the Emerald Green Skink (Lamproletis smaragdinus) or ‘tabili’ in the locals. From the name itself, tabilis are mostly green, however, the one you had taken a photo of is not…very unusual. I hope this information is useful.

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