Cries from The Past

I was scanning through some high school pictures and they refresh me of all the things that I’ve gone through. I open my Facebook and here is someone posting new photos of a person I once knew. And I just went through my old stuff and uncovered a treasure chest of papers, cards and all reminiscent of passions past. I squirmed. I grimaced.

Spell B-E-W-I-L-D-E-R-E-D. There are just people, places, events and decisions of yesterday that I cannot stand remembering again. However, the thought of them slap me to my very face once in a while.

Well, not because they’re upfront disgusting and evil… Nor are they black amongst all the white and grays.  They’re just what the phrase “Move On” is all about.

I breathe a sigh. I think I’ll hit the sack and dawn can’t find them with me anymore.

Oh yeah, I remember grace. Grace. (How sweet the sound…) And I just love the promise! As accurate as Joel Lindsey expresses in Sandi’s song,

You set me free to run through fields of laughter
And to sing as though I have no yesterdays
You set me free from my befores and afters
From I debt I know I’ll never pay
When you set me free.


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