Cannot Say What I Saw

This is a random post. No, don’t mind me. It’s my blog and I believe I have the liberty of saying anything, be it understandable to you or not.

This afternoon, my eyes witnessed a sight that I cannot keep within myself. It’s crude, it’s sensitive, and—to the truest sense—it’s a part of one’s soul. The seeing part was not a deliberate act. It was unplanned. I was caught unaware. I was frightened to death. Chills ran down my spine (though not a horror movie).

But Jed, WordPress, and the world… remember this day. Be it left unsaid, but mark this day. This day, you saw something nobody else must know but your own very soul. If it was just your right eye who saw it, the left eye should know. But both did. So your whole being saw it. (I know it sliced through your spirit like a razor).

Just this! Let’s boil it down to this—Jed, Ed-J, J, Jing—you cannot say what you saw.


Jed: So, what did I see?

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