Reminded of Change

Change and Life.
Change and Life.

My most recent experiences reminded me that nothing is constant in this world (but change, they say). Let me cite a few (including a few plans):

  1. A new theme for my blog. I believe changing how my site looks would keep me and a few others who follow my blog from getting bored. I was actually encouraged when I visited (Ma’am Moni’s DC blog) and noticed its newer look. Soon, I’ll be finishing my refurbishing my blog. I might as well include (Amaranth’s official blog/website) which direly needs it. I will be deleting my Friendster blog because I’m dissatisfied with their blogging service.
  2. My new PC. I’ve done away with the old. Now, I have a faster, sleeker unit to use. Imagine—I’ve been using that for five years! Recently, I was transferring all my files to this new one. The old, which is still usable, will be handed down to my smaller brother.
  3. New entertainment experiences. I had downloaded two Gaither videos (which I really enjoyed watching), and a number of movies, all through torrents. It’s not something I can easily do with the old pc because it’s got a way too smaller disk capacity.
  4. Sadly, a good female friend confessed her interest (for me). Sadly I say, because I have a direction; and I can’t help but see her as a threat to it. But still, I’m keeping my prayers as fervent as always. Change I say, cause I can’t help but see her differently now. Can’t help it.

However, not all change is bad (nor good). Somehow, I see change as something that comes to our lives—sometimes too often and unnoticed, sometimes seldom yet with big impact—that keeps us from being stagnant. They spur us to cope up, be effective, competitive and alert. The world is not as peachy as we think, so something to perk us up is indeed helpful. Change has come (not only to America).

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