The Master Plan and Man’s Praise

A song which I’ve long known only took much meaning in the last two years:

Some things about my life I cannot understand
But still I trust the wisdom of Your perfect plan
Though the goal I cannot see
Though the path confuses me
Still I’ll trust what You’ve begun
Your work of love is not done.

—Ron Hamilton, “I Am Your Creation”, 2nd stanza

Isn’t that amazing? The song started of with depicting God’s genius in creating the heavens and the earth, then moves to telling how a baby is delicately formed under His plan. And then in the second stanza, it assures of God’s ultimate plan for our lives, though it remains elusive to our own vision and understanding.

From the stars to individual hearts, we can see that God is in control.

See the transition in these two verses:

Psalm 147
(2) He healeth the broken in heart,
and bindeth up their wounds.
(3) He telleth the number of the stars;
he calleth them all by their names.

He is good, He is great. With so loving a God, what do we do? And so the song goes:

You formed me in my mother’s womb
According to your plan
You made each tiny finger
And You made each little hand

I am Your creation
You shaped each hidden part

And this will be my greatest joy
To praise You—from my heart.

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