Suffocating. Exhausting.

I remember that line in Tagalog:

Nakakabagot, nakakasawa.
—Bea Alonzo as Basha, One More Chance (2007)

I'm tired. I'm thinking.
I'm tired. I'm thinking.

If she said that because she was weighed down with her relationship with her boyfriend (who was too “controlling” and “boring”), I say this because I am weighed down of all the responsibilities laid upon me. No, I’m not in a relationship right now, and I’m not planning to get into one in the next two to four years. However, all these work that I have to do in school, the pub, at home, at church—they direct my life! I don’t even know if I’m doing what I want, or perhaps, what I really need to do.

I guess I have to get down to the very essence of my life and purge away what needs to be purged away. I only have one body…and one life. I can only give it away but once. I have to reset my priorities and learn to say ‘no’ to extra baggages that weigh me down.


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