Questions to a Future Parent

While I was inside the bathroom yesterday, Mark Lowry’s popular Christmas song entitled “Mary Did You Know” kept playing in my mind. The lyrics was a series of questions asked to Mary about the baby Messiah. The first line says, “Mary, did you know that your baby boy will one day walk on water?” and so the song goes on.

However, creativity played in my mind. The what if part. So, I changed the angle and perspective of it all, but still the asking of what is about to happen.

I did something like this: asking a “future parent” of a possible destiny his/her future child would have that has a direct relationship to what he/she does today. It reminded me that we lead by example, that what we do today would affect what we will make of our tomorrows. And here it is:

Questions to A Future Parent

by Jed Asaph D. Cortes

If you knew that your child would one day be an alcoholic,
Would you continue to give yourself to drinking sessions with tambays?

If you knew that your child would die of lung cancer at a young age,
Would you not quit smoking now?

If you knew that your child would be born deformed and frail,
Would you want to drug yourself for momentary ecstasy?

If you knew that your child would be expelled and defamed for cheating,
Would you still attempt to look at your classmate’s paper on short quizzes?

If you knew that your child would quit schooling for good,
Would you continue to be mediocre in your class performance now?

If you knew that your son would be convicted of rape,
Would your eyes still slide at girls like a ‘slug on a rose’?

If you knew that your child would put a bullet through the head of his own sibling—another child of yours,
Would you still sustain petty quarrels against your own sibling too?

If you knew that your daughter will sell her flesh to prostitution and casual sex,
Would you, at present, sell your affections to a series of short-term relationships?

If you knew that your son would impregnate a woman he barely knew,
Would you still bring your girlfriend to the dark places at the beach at night?

If you knoew that your daughter’s husband will one day cheat on her,
Would you still have the guts to cheat on your present relationship too?

If you knew that your child would one day squander his wealth on vain, riotous living,
Would you still subscribe to daily-unlimited texting just for nothing?

If you knew that your children would rebel against you and your noble desires for them,
Would you still fail the nobler expectations and desires your parents now have for you?

If you knew that your daughter would one day be an international porn star,
Would you still watch pornography?

If you knew that your child would be morbidly obese, diabetic or hypertensive,
Would you not think twice of your eating habits today?

If you know that your child would live in Martian air-conditioned quarters because the Earth’s sea level and temperature rose beyond human threshold,
Would you not save energy, paper, and trees?

If you knew that your children would destroy your name through their deviant lifesyles,
Would you not try to uphold your dignity by living well now as much as you would?

If you only realize that your children would one day live according to how you also live,
Would you think twice about living a productive and God-fearing live by example?

If only you realize that by being a role model you can bring them up to be good, law-abiding citizens who respect authority and cherish their nation, neighbors and friends,
Would you not start living so—now?

I need to hear from what you might have to say. God bless!


4 thoughts on “Questions to a Future Parent

  1. A poignant poem. Definitely because it’s like giving your readers a stab or this utterance of : Da! Naigo ko bai .,….got it?

    QUESTIONS TO A FUTURE PARENT? right? so here’s my question. Are you sure that you’ll get the message across to your readers? I perfectly understand that this is intended for the youth. The remaining beacon of light in the years to come, we, the youth needs to wake up and do something. There’s no time to eat the bread of idleness, I guess. NOW is the time , not later, not tomorrow but now. So if you have some radical and useful ideas in your head, let it out. If you’ve got an advocacy for something, work hard for it…in the end, the truth prevails…the right thing wins over the wrong.Ok so let me get straight to the point.I salute you young man for doing the right thing!It’s perfectly clear that you have this uncanny ability of expressing your thoughts through writing. An epitome of a man who wants to make a change through a pen…haha I mean your cause and advocacy are well carried out in a benign way. Oh I see a Mahatma Ghandi and a Jose Protacio Rizal in you..

    But I think I’m going too far already. I would only like to comment on your poem. This one is easy to comprehend but have you realized that you committed some pitfalls…in coming up with this piece, you got lots of ideas. It is well written. No problem with the grammar but don’t you think that it’s too long. It might cause mental weariness, simply put, your readers might get bored. When my friend was reading it, she keeps on complaining about the irksome stanzas (she is entitled to her opinion), just don’t mind her but you’ve got to consider the majority of the readers’ reactions.

    Nevertheless, I do and really understand the reason why it is monotonous. Consistency is there. To clearly get your point must have been your intention of delivering it that way. But in generall, this poem is really profoundly moving! If I’ll compare it to a sword, it’s very sharp and pointed. Going back in the medieval ages when chivalry is at large.Imagine yourself being a knight, don’t be fazed my dear for your sword has been thrown by the blacksmith in a terribly hot furnace…..

  2. A long post nonetheless a good one.

    “The wicked one in the pride of his countenance will not seek, inquire for, and yearn for God; all his thoughts are that there is no God [so He never punishes]” Psalm 104:4

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