Advertisement Tips: Friendster Primary Photo and Shoutouts

Okay, let’s face it: No matter how you see it, your Friendster primary photo and shoutout are the ‘first glance’ before a ‘long look’. If you want to popularize your profile and get friends (and other people) to look at it, you have to have good advertising tastes as to your primary photo and shoutout.


  1. Be short and concise. Be sure that when your friends log in to Friendster, they can see you in their Network Activity Tab with your shoutout complete. No dot dot dots. In fact, people would get more interested in completely shown shoutouts than incomplete ones (…).
  2. Use caps properly. Don’t use small and big letters just for the sake of “loOkinG cOoL”. You end up ending funny instead. Here, formality is not a bore but a necessity to avoid being misunderstood. Usually, conventional people get turned off by those “jUmPinG LeTteRs”; whereas, those who use it usually don’t. So, it’s a safer route to not use them instead.
  3. Be polite and composed. Don’t sourgrape about your ex (e.g. “Now I realized how vain you are.”) who left you nor curse your enemy. People who see you as well-mannered will appreciate it.


  1. Choose a picture with much taste. (I don’t need to discuss this, it’s up to you.)
  2. It is important that your picture will have the dimensions of a square. Why? Thumbnails of your primary photo appear as square in your posted bulletins and your friends’ network activity tabs. Most pictures are rectangular so some of the details you want to appear would be cropped when the photo appear in those areas.
  3. Choose what part of the photo to include in your SQUARE primary pic.
  4. Be large and crisp. Using a group photo of you and your barkada is small and hard to see when considering the size of the primary photo thumbnails.
  5. Your face or part of it appearing on the photo is encouraged.
  6. You might want to change your primary photo once in a while. Let me give you a good reason: it is also good to synchronise or relate your primary photo with your shoutout and vice versa. It’s not good to have a solemn and composed pic along a WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH shoutout. However, don’t be like those people who change them everyday. It’s fickle-mindedness.

Be simple. Constrain yourself from saying everything you want to say in these two SMALL advertisement tools. Remember, their role is to invite viewers to take a look at your profile. It’s not their role to say everything—it’s your profile’s role. Instead, be creative and inviting enough to make them hover their mouse over your pic and make an eager click.


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