Three-Fold Denying

What is there when you deny a person three times?

It was a Peter-original. The apostle denied Jesus three times, as said in the Bible. When Jesus was betrayed and brought in to be crucified, Peter followed at the distance. Some Jews recognized him. Afraid, he denied Jesus. And again. And the third time. Tsk tsk.

It was a superlative. I remember my Sunday School Teacher say this:

In Hebrew, there is no such thing as superlative as in English. There was no high-higher-highest or such. When you want to emphasize something in Hebrew, you repeat it, as in “Verily, verily, verily” which we often read in the Bible.

Therefore, when Peter denied Jesus THREE times, it’s just like the -est of denying. Hmmm…let me now make a personal association.

I had done a three-fold denying today. I have this person whom I am very uncomfortable with. This person has been very much involved in my life before, but by a dismal turn of events, now turned into any other stranger in the world. So, we crossed paths around campus, and I didn’t even look at this person. And the second time. And the third time.

Sidenote: I was surprised why we are able to cross paths. We are enrolled in different degree programs. With our schedule, we are supposed to be unable to cross paths. And that happened the past two weeks. I wonder why we did now. And three times?! In one day?! What a coincidence. Oh well…

Now, if I were Hebrew, that would be a superlative.

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