Getting More In Touch With Reality

Ahhh—it seems that I have been doing a lot of extra things the past days. You know, spending more time to think. Perhaps, I’m learning to be more particular with my time… Hehe

First, I have been going around more—on foot. Sometimes, I leave my bicycle at home and walk to school. On some occasions, I bring the bike with me and leave it beside the Amaranth office. After that, I just walk my way to class, or any other place, even far enough to call for my bicycle’s services.

And I see benefits. By walking around, I witness things in action. I come across more people in a slower pace, and get stopped more often. I think my frequent biking had been fast forwarding my life. I mean, in times that I don’t need to. There are happenings and events that I need to experience in real-time. By walking, I can get around things in a normal pace. That gives me more fresh air to breathe. Also, more time to think.

Second, I have started to write my own special journal. After buying a medium-sized notebook for me to be able to scribble down just any piece of information that I might find useful, I decided to make it a journal instead. So every now and then, I take time to open it and record what happened, what I am currently thinking about, and whatever. It’s not a diary that is either too emotional or too superficial, like a logbook of my actions. There, my thoughts run free. I realize that it’s there too that I pick up new ideas that I can do or write or make anything creative from.

This is interesting you know. I’ve realized that I have been doing more of my time. In writing, I squeeze out boring moments of waiting, or ‘dead air’ when there’s nothing interesting to do. It’s also helpful in reminiscing. In many instances, this kind of journal would lead you to all the thrills, anxieties, worries, excitements, enjoyments that spice up life. There might be times that I might be worried or anxious about something which would turn out to be false or easily manageable. Proof of God’s sovereignty. So, it would be there somehow. It would polka dot the journal.

(As it would polka dot this blog too.) Gotta go, have a class!


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