A Love Life Under God’s Master Plan

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.
Jeremiah 33:3 (KJV)

I know it’s awkward to say this, but most of the time, I fail to see God’s hand working in my life, particularly in that aspect.

For the past year or so, I have been struggling with bringing my love life into a balance. Or shall I say, God has been working in my life to give me a good direction. I know it sounds kind of weird for my age (I’m yet 17), but after having experienced a love affair at an early age, I cannot help but not give ample attention in order to not fall into a precarious position outside of that which God wills.

One way of being mindful is preparing—uhh—eyeing for “prayer items” so to say. With one major “prayer item” as of now, I feel that I have a direction. Although I ask God to be in control with my feelings, my lingering with this person more often makes my fondness for her grow. The heart is deceiftul (Jer. 17:9) and I admit that my heart might be deceiving me with this (I hope not). Knowing such, I usually take my steps with caution. What tomorrow brings—that I don’t know.

Recently, I was quite suprised by a turn of events. If you’d like me to share it with you, contact me through e-mail (I’d rather not share it here). But let me say this, I was actually reminded that we cannot predict how God moves. Indeed, He moves in mysterious ways.

And those mysterious ways, I admit, have somehow ‘displaced’ me from my ‘momentum’ with this ‘major prayer item’. Yeah, it’s nerve-wrecking and it bugs me…really. But I somehow made a few resolutions to keep me on track. Hope these helps for you too:

  1. Keep praying. We don’t know how our stories unfold and we don’t know what lies ahead. Praying for God’s will concerning this part of our lives will keep us optimistic, open-minded, yet focused.
  2. Find the state that which is peaceful and stay there. The Bible says that the wisdom that comes from above is peacable. Be at peace with your family, your friends, your heart and your God.
  3. Trust in God’s plan. If we put God first, He sees to it that His Master Plan (especially for our love lives) will be accomplished well and right.
  4. Be busy with God’s work. Being busy with what God wants us to do will keep us from being busy with other things. Being busy with the world’s business displaces us from our peace and confuses us.

For me, I’d first sit back and wait to see how my story unfolds. Because I believe that it is not yet time for me to begin a relationship with somebody, I’d do those that I’ve listed there for the mean time. Relinquishing my love life to God’s loving hand is not the best option—it is the only option for me to be able to write the best love story I can ever have. That’s a love life under God’s Master Plan.


One thought on “A Love Life Under God’s Master Plan

  1. Well written. I love the idea of relinquishing one’s life to God. It reminded me the act of ”surrender”…surrendering yourself to the Lord.
    Guard your heart and submit your emotions to God, if I were to sum it up!
    God Speed…

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